SC_Timer 2.0, the Session Chair Timer

J-P Rosen released version 2.0 of his SC_Timer program a few days ago, and it is shaping up to become a rather nice little package for your timing needs:

SC_Timer is a very convenient timer for session chairs in conferences who need to manage the presentation time of speakers. The chair enjoys a rich pannel to manage talk time (screenshot) and a secondary display to let the speaker know the remaining time, prompt messages, etc (screenshot). The display turns yellow -for example- ten minutes before time is over, then turns red five minutes before the end. When the presentation time is over, it displays a big red flashing “Off”. Alternatively, the timer can be set to count up (from 0 to programmed time) instead of down. Other features allow to manage various special cases (pauses, increasing or reducing talk time…).

There is also a regular clock in the upper right corner that tells you the current time.

Of course, the program is really a general count-down timer, and you can use it for all your count-down needs!

Sounds good ‘eh?

You can read J-P’s extremely short release announcement here and you can download the program as source, Linux executable and Windows executable. There’s also some excellent documentation available.

Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2012

Ada’s got a developer room at FOSDEM 2012, and as if that wasn’t cool enough already, Ada in Denmark is represented with two talks by our very own Jacob Sparre Andersen!

The Ada program for FOSDEM 2012 is very interesting, with speakers such as Robert Dewar, Jean-Pierre Rosen, Jacob Sparre Andersen, José F. Ruiz, Xavier Grave, David Sauvage and Riccardo Bernardini. Yea, this is not an event to be missed.

You can read more about the event and the program here and here. Oh, and to top things off, here’s a FOSDEM interview with Robert Dewar.