Logging options for Ada

The other day Marc C. posted a link to an AdaCore Gem dealing with the very nice GNATColl.Traces package, and shortly thereafter he did another reddit/r/ada post collecting a bunch of Ada logging tools.

As it turns out, there are five very nice solutions available to us Ada’ists:

I’ve personally used GNATCOLL.Traces and AWS.Log, and both are pretty good. I’m partial to GNATCOLL.Traces because of its syslog support, though at the time of writing GNATCOLL.Traces.Syslog is borked. It simply segfaults when you try to use it. Hopefully AdaCore will have that bug sorted out soon.

I intend to give Alog a whirl, as it was updated to version 0.4 yesterday, and one of the “fixes” in the new version reads “Cleanup of syslog facility”, which to a syslog fan like me is sweet music.