Some Fast Ada Programming News

First lets start with the fact that it just got easier to build Ada packages for Debian. YAY!

Second it’s great to know that the Ada networking library, Anet, just hit version 0.1 – Get it while it’s hot.

Third you’ll be thrilled to know that the What would you like in Ada 202X? thread on comp.lang.ada has gone berserk! Fun read, if you have the time.

Fourth we get ZanyBlue, which is a project implementing a finite element based solution of the Maxwell field equations. En route to that goal, supporting libraries and applications are being implemented. Initial functionality covers localization support for Ada. ZanyBlue is now at version 1.0.0 BETA. Here’s the release announcement.

Finally Stephe Leake did the entire Ada 2005, 2012 (draft 17) reference manual in info format. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

The Ada 2012 Reference Manual (Draft)

The ARA has made an early Ada 2012 Reference Manual Draft available to the Ada community. There’s also a link to the proposed Amendment 2 to the Ada Standard.

All very nice.

Of special interest to me is the new string encoding package, which looks to shape up very nicely. Also the Containers.Multiway_Trees is interesting.

Here’s a comparison chart showing the differences between the various Ada standards. I’m still a bit worried about Conditional expressions / Case expressions and In-out parameters for functions, but given the excellent track-record of Ada, I’m sure even those two will come out both looking and working quite well.