A New Ada Programming Book!

A yummy treat for Ada programmers all over the world: Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada, written by John W. McCormick, Frank Singhoff and Jérôme Hugues. Here’s a blurb:

The arrival and popularity of multi-core processors have sparked a renewed interest in the development of parallel programs. Similarly, the availability of low-cost microprocessors and sensors has generated a great interest in embedded real-time programs. Ada is arguably the most appropriate language for development of parallel and real-time applications. Since it was first standardized in 1983, Ada’s three major goals have remained: 1. Program reliability and maintenance, 2. Programming as a human activity, 3. Efficiency. Meeting these goals has made Ada remarkably successful in the domain of mission-critical software. It is the language of choice for developing software for systems in which failure might result in the loss of life or property. The software in air traffic control systems, avionics, medical devices, railways, rockets, satellites, and secure data communications is frequently written in Ada. Ada has been supporting multiprocessor, multicore, and multithreaded architectures as long as it has existed. We have nearly 30 years of experience in using Ada to deal with the problem of writing programs that run effectively on machines using more than one processor.

I want that book. I’ve got the Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada book by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings, but I must admit that some of the chapters are a fair bit above my competence level. I’m hoping that this new book might be better suited for people with IQ levels below 160. This quote from the preface is comforting:

We believe that the subset of Ada presented in this book provides the simplest model for understanding the fundamental concepts.

I’m hoping that reading this book might help me to actually understand more of the Burns/Wellings book. :o)

Support Ada by buying these books. The more books we buy, the more books will probably be written. It’ll all help make Ada available to the broader public. And shes does so deserve a bit more fame.