FSF GNAT 4.3.4 binaries for OpenBSD/amd64 5.0

This is just a quick one to let you know that Tero Koskinen has done a couple of packages for OpenBSD/amd64 5.0 to help alleviate some of the pain of bootstrapping GNAT:

GNAT is somewhat painful to bootstrap on new platforms and existing binaries for OpenBSD/amd64 are for older releases, so I made fresh ones for OpenBSD 5.0 release on amd64 (x86_64 for Linux people) platform.
Tasking and most other “common” features should be supported, although I suspect that GNAT-AUX 4.6.x from http://www.dragonlace.net/ passes more ACATS tests. But once you have 4.3.4 installed, you can use it to bootstrap GNAT-AUX 4.6.x.

You can get the packages from http://koti.kapsi.fi/tkoskine/openbsd/5.0-amd64-packages/ and then it’s just a simple matter of using pkg_add to install them.

You can read the full release announcement from Tero here.

Zero Testsuite Failures for GNATDroid = Ada on Android

The DragonLace project is at it again! John Marino has acquired an Android device and, after building GNATDroid-ARMv7, has confirmed that he could compile Ada programs on FreeBSD and execute them on the Android tablet.

That is just awesome news, both for FreeBSD users and Ada programmers in general. The work done by John is simply amazing.

You can read the entire announcement here.

DragonLace and Ada Support on *BSD / *Solaris / Android

In a lengthy post to comp.lang.ada John Marino of DragonLace fame outlines the current status of Ada support for *BSD, *Solaris and Android.

And things are looking pretty good:

For a long time, support for Ada was poor to non-existent for the four major BSD platforms of FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and OpenBSD. GNAT would not build from source, although FreeBSD i386 was pretty close. Over the last year, I’ve developed a substantial set of patches and now GNAT from GCC-4.6 passes the entire ACATS and gnat.dg testsuite without failure on FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and NetBSD on both the AMD64 and i386 platforms. The version is called “GNAT-AUX” and it also builds on OpenBSD with only a single failure the same two platforms.

The amount of work that has gone into this is amazing, and I personally look forward (very much!) to the day where Android apps can be build using Ada. How cool would that be?

If you visit the DragonLace website, you’ll see that the project is only 3 measly failures away from having achieved perfect status for its GNAT AUX port project.

I think I’m going to have to install one or more BSD’s and start testing my own AWS powered web tool box!

This project is a _huge_ boon to the Ada community.

Ada Tools in NetBSD pkgsrc Repository

Obviously I should’ve reported on this yesterday, but I got caught up in a bunch of meetings and other boring non-Ada things.

But here you go, with a slight delay:

The big news of the day is that NetBSD has imported all the packages(*) into the pkgsrc repository. This means that NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD users can build GNAT, the GNAT Programming Studio, and others from source today if they update pkgsrc to the repository head. They will show up in a few months in the next quarterly release (2011Q1), and at that time maintainers for NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD will build the binary packages.

You can read the full announcement here.

This is obviously good news, both for Ada in general and for *BSD users specifically.

Oh, and on a final note you can now subscribe to the DragonLace maillist for instant news and discussion about the project.

*BSD + Ada Just Got Better

With this announcement, using Ada on a *BSD system suddenly became a _very_ viable option.

I don’t know how fast the FreeBSD Ports community work, but it probably wont take several months before GNAT-AUx, XML/Ada, GPRBuild, GTK/Ada, GPS, GNATPython, and AWS are available to FreeBSD users.

The same packages were also added to the NetBSD’s pkgsrc repositories.

Once again the people over at dragonlace.net must be commended for their gargantuan effort in bringing Ada to the *BSD’s.

DragonLace FreeBSD64 update

The good people at dragonlace.net have run into some issues with GNAT AUX on FreeBSD64:

At this point, the FreeBSD64 version of GNAT AUX is probably only suitable for helloworld type programs if that.

That should more or less say it all.

Hopefully they’ll figure out what’s wrong, and have it fixed, so all you FreeBSD64 users also can enjoy your Ada.

More news from the GNAT AUX project

The latest post from the busy guys at dragonlace.net shows them moving ahead at breakneck speed. Their efforts are centered around bringing GNAT to the *BSD platforms, and so far things are looking very good.

This latest news-item deals with

  • 32-Bit GNAT AUX
  • GNAT Programming Studio
  • Pkgsrc
  • FreeBSD
  • Ada Web Server (AWS)

If you’re a *BSD and Ada user, then be sure to keep an eye on the DragonLace project.