Version 1.3 of the GNU Ada CORBA Kit (GNACK)

If you’re using ORBit2, then you might be interested in the latest release of ORBit-Ada. New in this release is:

  • Completed testing with ORBit >= 2.14.4
  • Fixed serious bug in server side code generation (responsible for frequent crashes)
  • Fixed bug in FATFIFI code generation for Get procedures
  • Fixed bugs related to module reopening, global scope package synthesis, CORBA.Forward declarations, and more
  • New idl2ada switch -M prints dependencies of generated Ada files to IDL files in a Makefile compatible way
  • Added support for pragmas range, subtype, derived, switchname and array_index
  • Removed support for CorbaWare (previously unmaintained)

You can read Oliver Kellogg’s release announcement here.