Defensive programming: Fortran, Ada, C++, Java, ???

Since I started tracking the Ada sub reddit a few weeks ago, I’ve been exposed to quite a few very interesting Ada related items.

And today is no different.

From a blog called Kickin’ the darkness comes a little gem of an article: Defensive programming: Fortran, Ada, C++, Java, ???.

Here’s a quote:

The programming language that’s grabbing the commercial industry now I would be expecting to be dominating defense software development in about 10 or 15 years. And, well, first off I don’t perceive a dominating candidate yet, and the candidates that I do see lack an aspect I consider fundamental to safety- and mission-critical software systems. That aspect is an intentional, well thought out, unifying principle, ideally envisioned by an individual or small team of language designers.

The article raises some very interesting questions, and the comments are a worthwhile read also.