DePlo: dependency graphs for Ada

I discovered DePlo while perusing the Ada subreddit, and even though I’m personally quite satisfied with the dependency graphs provided by GPS, it’s always nice to know that there are other options out there to fulfill our dependency graph needs:

DePlo is a program that converts the dependency relationship between Ada packages (i.e., who “with”s whom) into a graph in DOT format. Package hierarchy is showed by drawing child packages inside their parents. The graph can be simplified by “collapsing” whole package hierarchies in a single node.

Currently it works only in a GNAT environment since it get the dependency graph by reading the ALI files generated by GNAT. I guess that it would be possible to make it portable by using ASIS… maybe in a future release.

If you want to see the DePlo in action then you might enjoy these screenshots, or you can just go straight to the Installation page and instantly get busy with plotting some dependency graphs. Enjoy!