Using AWA and Dynamo To Quickly Build An Ada Web Application

AWA, or Ada Web Application, is an Ada powered framework to build web applications. It is made by Stephane Carrez and sits on top of Ada Server Faces, Ada Database Objects and Ada Web Server. The latest version of AWA provides:

  • A new event framework with configurable action listeners.
  • Persistent event queues for the event framework.
  • A new blog module and wiki engine supporting Google Wiki, Creole, MediaWiki, phpPP and Dotclear syntax
  • New mail UI components allowing to generate and send email easily with the ASF presentation pages
  • A new Javascript plugin Markedit with jQuery Markedit (MIT License).

If you want to experience AWA at work, you can go to the online demo, or you can take a look at a video Stephane did called Creating a Web Application with AWA. In this video he mentions Dynamo, which is a tool created to help build Ada web applications. Dynamo version 0.5.0 was recently made available with lots of new features:

  • Support multi-line comments in XML mappings.
  • Generate List_Bean types for the XML mapped queries.
  • Add support for Ada enum generation.
  • Add test template generation.
  • Add AWA service template generation.
  • Add support for blob model mapping.
  • New command ‘add-ajax-form’, ‘add-query’, ‘dist’, ‘create-plugin’.

Be sure to go check out all these tools if you’re in the market for building a web application in Ada – AWA and its siblings might just be what the doctor ordered.