ockham, adbci and ConfigFile

If you believe choice is good, then you’re going to be pleased to hear that John Vinters GitHub profile lists three interesting Ada projects, squarely aimed at giving you more choices.

First up we have ockham, a web application framework:

Ockham is a simple MVC Web Application Framework for Ada 2005. It is intended to be used with adbci (to provide database access) and libadanix (to provide low-level OS access). The Framework is designed for use on POSIX-like systems such as Linux and FreeBSD.

The project seems quite complete, so if you’re in the process of building an Ada powered web application, then ockham just might be what you need.

Next up we have adbci, a database access library:

ADBCI is a simple library for accessing SQL databases using Ada 2005. It also contains an experimental active record implementation. Currently only supports PostgreSQL 8.0 or later (including 9.x series).

The above is straight from the README, and it has me puzzled, because there are both PostgreSQL and MySQL code in the repository. The same goes for the examples that comes with the library: Both PostgreSQL and MySQL is available. So I’m thinking this is a “bug” in the README. I believe both PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported by adbci.

The library appears very complete, and the example reads very well, so be sure to check it out if you’re on the lookout for a database access library for you Ada projects.

Finally we have the ConfigFile configuration file library:

ConfigFile provides a very simple configuration file implementation for Ada 2005 programs. It can store/recall Boolean/Float/Long_Float/String values.

There’s not much to say about ConfigFile. At some point most projects need some sort of configuration system, and if you can’t be bothered to build one yourself, then this might do the trick. It’s two small files you just add to your project. Simple!

I haven’t been able to locate a website for John Vinters, but if I do, you can be sure I’ll add it to this post ASAP.