AdaCore and SofCheck Merge

This is pretty big news and it will mean even more bright Ada people gathered at AdaCore. Now some people may fear that, but I think AdaCore have shown themselves to be strong supporters of the Open Source community (though I dislike their release cycle), and I’m confident that merging with SofCheck will strengthen Ada:

“AdaCore and SofCheck have worked towards common goals for a very long time,” said Tucker Taft, SofCheck’s Chairman and Founder. “This merger is a natural next-step for both our companies: the whole SofCheck team is very excited to be joining up with AdaCore where together we can continue adding capabilities to the industry-leading CodePeer static analysis technology, while creating new offerings for customers building and certifying high-integrity software as they move into the multicore era.”

“Our complementary skills, shared history, and dedication to the software engineering principles supported by the Ada programming language have made this merger a positive, seamless experience for both companies,” said Robert Dewar, AdaCore President and CEO. “We particularly welcome Tucker’s addition to AdaCore’s existing team of experts, which will help us move forward with our joint goal of improving software engineering capabilities for developers of safe, secure, and highly-reliable software applications.”

Tucker Taft and Robert Dewar in the same company is bound to lead to good things. Both have contributed massively to Ada, and hopefully they’ll continue to do so for many years still.

If you’re in the mood for some more information there’s a nice little press release, or if you’re really feeling adventurous you can go check out Tucker Taft’s ParaSail language, which appears to be humming along quite nicely.