TclAdaShell 20110925 released

Simon J. Wright took the liberty of releasing version 20110925 of his TclAdaShell (AKA TASH) library while I was away on vacation, so my report on this release is, as so much else, a bit late. Sorry.

TclAdaShell is an Ada binding to Tcl/Tk, as you might’ve guessed already.

This is a maintenance release, with the following changes:

  • The ClientData generics in Tcl.Ada had comments stating that the size of the ClientData formal type must be equal to the size of a C pointer. These have been replaced by assertions that the size of ClientData must not be greater than that of System.Address.
  • The top-level makefile now supports an ‘install’ target which on GNAT-based systems other than Debian installs TASH alongside your compiler (so you don’t need to set ADA_PROJECT_PATH).
  • The setup.tcl script recognises gnatgcc, if present, as the compiler to use for the C compilations required to build the library.
  • The setup.tcl script supports the flag “–nogui”, meaning “perform the setup immediately”.
  • The GPR files have been improved; the result is that the Tcl and Tk libraries will be linked automatically.

You can read the release announcement here and you can jump straight to the TclAdaShell page. Enjoy!