The Ada Way programming contest now accepts submissions

The Ada Way, an annual student programming contest organized by Ada-Europe, is now accepting submissions:

Last September, Ada-Europe kicked off its annual student programming contest “The Ada Way”. The challenge for the 2010-2011 competition was to build a software simulator of a football match. The submission of entries has now been opened: they will be accepted through May 15th. The submission shall be made as a single compressed archive of all items listed at the contest web site. Dropbox is used to handle the submission process online. Details are available on the contest web site. The winning submission shall be announced on the contest web site and at the Ada-Europe 2011 Conference, held June 20-24 in Edinburgh, UK. This edition of the contest is sponsored by AdaCore, Atego and Ada-Europe.

The prize for winning this contest is

The prize will consist of: a framed award; one free registration and up to 3 reduced student fees for representatives of the winning team to attend to the Ada-Europe 2011 Conference; accommodation and airfare for the team representatives (with ceiling at EUR 3,000); an exhibition slot in the conference program; visibility in electronic and printed media including Ada User Journal and Ada Letters.

Not too shabby!

The contest is for full time students only, so all the rest of us can do is sit back and wait to see some of the, hopefully, interesting projects.