tinywm-ada and fucked-ada

Once in a blue moon you meet someone who’s special, and I don’t mean special in a short bus way. No, I mean a person who strikes you as one of those few who can pick up a tuba and two weeks later actually play something, or who can build something awesome using nothing but a d20, two cotton socks, some copper string and one glass from an 80’s style pair of sunglasses.

I think R. Tyler Croy is one such special guy.

Within the last couple of days, he’s done two wonderful projects in Ada:

tinywm-ada is an…

…evening experiment to port Nick Welch’s tinywm from C to Ada. Like the original, it uses Xlib as its underlying library.

tinyvm is, as the name implies, a tiny window manager. And believe you me, it really is tiny. Having this is in Ada is both fun and something the rest of us mere mortals can learn from.

But apparently tinywm-ada wasn’t enough for dear old R. Tyler Croy, so he kicked it up a notch and released fucked-ada on the world. Yes, he has gone and made a Brainfuck interpreter in Ada. How awesome is that? Pointless? Yes. Awesome? Also yes. If you want to experience a mental meltdown, then Brainfuck just might be what the doctor ordered.