Ada.Containers.Vectors Wiki Article

The first real article on the Ada-DK Wiki is live! I’ve completed a rather lengthy piece on Vectors, with editorial help from Dwight Scott Miller. Without his help, my poor english writing would’ve scared away most readers by the end of the third paragraph. I’m very grateful for his help.

The target audience for the article is the beginning Ada programmer. Experienced programmers will just turn to the Reference Manual for knowledge, but for a beginner the RM is a scary piece of literature. At least it was to me, when I started learning Ada. The goal of this article is to add some actual code examples to the knowledge found in the RM.

I plan on writing more articles like this one, though I will probably not do any of the other Ada.Containers libraries in the near future – for the time being, I’ve had my fill of containers.

The article can be found here.

And please, feel free to make changes to the article if you feel it is necessary. It is a Wiki page after all. Collaboration is good. 🙂

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