Ada at FOSDEM 2010

FOSDEM 2010 is almost upon us. In a measly 3 months, Ada’ists from around the globe will meet in Belgium to discuss free and open source Ada software.

It is no secret though, that Ada is not exactly the most popular programming language, so in order to secure some DevRooms for our favourite language, a Call for Interest has been issued by the ever active and vigilant Ada-Belgium people.

Here’s a quote from the post:

Each year the number of applications for DevRooms outnumbers the
available space, presenting the organizers with a difficult selection. For 2010, the conditions specify “a preference for requests with a general topic, e.g. from projects with similar goals/domains” and “be involved in Free or Open Source Software (the projects produce and release software under an open source license or otherwise contribute to open source activities and communities)”. Many Ada-related topics and projects fit those conditions very well, so we are considering to submit a proposal for FOSDEM 2010, and thus need to show that this would attract sufficient interest.

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