Ada-Belgium Spring 2010 Event

Once again Ada-Belgium hosts their annual spring event.

This years schedule looks like something I would very much like to attend:

  • 12:00 welcome and getting started (setting up computers and preparing food – please be there!)
  • 13:00 barbecue
  • 14:00 Ada-Belgium General Assembly
  • 14:45 key signing party
  • 15:00 workshop on creating Debian packages of Ada software
  • 19:00 end

The workshop on creating Debian packages is held by Ludovic Brenta, principal maintainer of Ada in Debian.

If you’d like to attend this event, please note that:

To permit this more interactive and social format, the event takes place at private premises in Leuven. As instructed above, please inform us by e-mail if you would like to attend, and we’ll provide you precise directions to the place of the meeting. Obviously, the number of participants we can accommodate is not unlimited, so don’t delay.

I think such social events are a great idea. Perhaps Ada In Denmark should try hosting one?

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