SIGAda Award nomination deadline approaching

The presentation of this years SIGAda Awards is nearing, and so of course is the deadline for nominations.

The SIGAda awards recognize individuals and organizations who’ve made outstanding contributions to the Ada community.

There are two awards:

  1. Outstanding Ada Community Contribution Award — For broad, lasting contributions to Ada technology & usage.
  2. ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award — For exceptional contributions to SIGAda activities & products.

You can see some of the past winners and grab a nomination form. The form includes the email address where it should be sent if you think someone is deserving of this honor.

I’m considering nominating the #ada IRC channel for the Outstanding Ada Community Contribution Award. It’s a very nice place to hang out, and they’ve helped me, and other beginners, plenty during the past few years. I hope that some day I’ll be able to give something back.

The full deadline announcement by John McCormick is available here.

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