QtAda version 3.1 released

QtAda is an Ada 2005 binding to the Qt application and GUI framework.

New in QtAda 3.1 is:

  • Support for QtOpenGL module
  • Support for QDir, QFileInfo, QProcessEnvironment, QSettings, QUrl classes of QtCore module
  • Support for QAbstractTextDocumentLayout, QColorDialog, QGraphicsObject, QGraphicsSimpleTextItem, QGraphicsTextItem, Image, QImageReader, QImageWriter, QPlainTextDocumentLayout, QRgb classes of QtGui module
  • Support for additional operations of classes of QtCore and QtGui modules
  • Support for mixed GtkAda/QtAda applications on X11 platform
  • bug fixes and performance speedups

The full documentation is available here and the library itself can be downloaded here.

You can read the release announcement here.

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