Ada Programming Is Getting More Popular

At least that is the case if we trust resources such as The Transparent Language Popularity Index and TIOBE.

According to the February 2011 TIOBE report, Ada has climbed from a distant 30th place to a respectable 16th. You can see a pretty graph here.

And things are looking even better if we look at The Transparent Language Popularity Index, which we obviously prefer because, well, it’s transparent and built in Ada. Here Ada is in the top 10 for compiled languages, which is an awesome accomplishment.

Now honestly, I don’t believe Ada programming suddenly became the rave of the programming world. Instead I think that what we’re seeing now is the early fruits of the effort being put in by various individuals who’ve actually started writing/blogging/reporting about Ada. Doing that does work. It boosts the search rank of Ada if we link to and write about Ada resources. It increases the visibility of our favorite language and in order to get more people interested in Ada, we need to make sure it’s possible to actually discover that there is a programming language called Ada and that it is awesome.

The usenet groups comp.lang.ada is a good place for getting advice and for general Ada discussion, but it doesn’t really help Ada become more visible in the eyes of the search engines. For this we need blog/microblog or news posts and linking left and right to all the Ada resources out there.

So please join the Ada group, the Ada sub-reddit and have your Ada related blog signed up at Also if you have any Ada related news, feel free to send them to and I’ll gladly write a short post about them here at Ada-DK.

It _does_ help. And the effort required is minimal. Just do it.

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