Release of AdaDesigner 0.27 – An Ada Refactoring Framework.

This one is also from AdaLabs, and I’m going to start by simply quoting from the release announcement:

AdaDesigner is an Ada 2005 (GPL) software which aims to become an
Ada software refactoring framework. Using ASIS, AdaDesigner builds a specific package call-graph view of the project. Using some meta-data added in the GPR project files, it creates an abstraction layer further called sub-component layer. One sub-component contains several packages. AdaDesigner already proposes software engineers one interesting component design view of their software projects. This is done by the generation of a graphviz DOT file.

There. Instead of my sad attempt at explaining all that, I’m guessing David’s own words do a much better job at explaining what AdaDesigner actually does.

As with the AdaLabs GNATGPR project, there’s a nice video available, showing off some of the features of the software.

You can go straight to the project’s source code repository here.

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