Ada Server Faces Application Example: The Server

As long as Stephane Carrez keep hammering out new articles, we’re going to post links to them.

His latest article is named Ada Server Faces Application Example part 4: the server.

In previous articles, we have seen that an Ada Server Faces application has a presentation layer composed of XHTML and CSS files. Similar to Java Server Faces, Ada Server Faces is a component-based model and we saw how to write the Ada beans used by the application. Later, we also learnt how an action bean can have a procedure executed when a button is pressed. Now, how can all these stuff fit together?

So in this chapter we actually end up with a working web-application! The entire article is well-written, with lots of code and comments. Stephane finishes it all with a nice chart on how exactly requests are handled by an Ada Server Faces application.

The previous chapters are available here:


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