Ada Programming For Android?

The project, who’re responsible for bringing the GNAT AUX Ada compiler to the *BSD users, are hard at work on enabling Ada programmers to build software for Android devices without having to touch Java, or as John Marino said in a recent comp.lang.ada post on the subject:

It would be a nice project for someone to blaze the trail on writing Native Android phone/table applications without any Java. This is possible from Android 2.3 onwards using the “NativeActivity” functionality provided with the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). The API require C bindings, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

More information is available at the website, specifically these two articles:

This is in my humble opinion both very good and very exciting news! I am currently involved in the development of an Android application, and I would personally have loved if it could’ve been done in Ada instead of Java.

I know some of the Ada-DK members have Android devices (myself included), so perhaps we should spend a few open Ada-DK meetings on testing this stuff? Could be both a learning and fun experience.

3 thoughts on “Ada Programming For Android?”

  1. Yes, I’m looking forward to building apps for Android written in Ada, too. I tried Java, and find Java too restrictive and cumbersome. Even the GO programming is much easier than Java.

    Really hope some breakthroughs into this will come true soon.

  2. I don’t believe there’s been any compiler from Ada to the JVM for a long time, but if you wanted to compile Ada for Android, wouldn’t that be a better solution? There’s MIPS Androids out now, so ARM compilers will limit your market.

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