Ada Industrial Control Widget Library

From the hands of Dmitry A. Kazakov comes version 1.0 of his Ada Industrial Control Widget Library, bringing all sorts of gauges, meters, clocks and whatnot to Ada.

The described here packages are provided for design high-quality industrial control widgets for Ada applications. The software is based on GtkAda and cairoada, Ada bindings to GTK+ and cairo. The key features of the library are widgets composed of transparent layers drawn by cairo, fully scalable graphics, support of time controlled refresh policy for real-time and heavy-duty applications, caching graphical operations, stream I/O support for serialization and deserialization, ready-to-use gauge and meter widgets, editor widget for WYSIWYG design of complex dashboards.

As is usual with Kazakov’s code, it is thoroughly documented, with lots of graphics to help understand exactly how the library works. Excellent work.

AICWL is based on:

Installation is pretty straightforward. If you’re doing Ada programming and you’re in need of some nifty looking gauges/meters, then this is most certainly a good place to start.

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