News from AdaLabs

AdaLabs is a software engineering company based in the Republic of Mauritius. I’ve seen pictures from that place, and yes, it looks like a very nice place to have your offices. I’m only a little jealous!

AdaLabs is responsible for projects such as Ada On Rails, GNATGPR and AdaDesigner, two of which todays news is about. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

GNATGPR 0.34 and AdaDesigner 0.29 has been validated on GNATGPL 2011.

Short and sweet and good to know. But that’s not all. David Sauvage have also made his Libre Software Meeting 2011 slides available: LSM 2011 AdaLabs presentation slides: How to make my business opensource & viable. Live, on the ground feedback. Phew, long title there!

You can read David’s full announcement here.

And finally, David is also the man behind the GNU Go Ada Initiative, which sadly seems to have stalled. What happened there David? Have you abandoned it completely? Do you want people to join, or are you looking to run it yourself? I’m very keen on spreading the word about Ada programming, but I don’t think it’s very clear how one joins the GNU Go Ada Initiative. Please enlighten me!

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