Ada Programming On The Rise, Part II

A few days ago I posted a link to the latest Transparent Language Popularity Index update, and it clearly showed Ada moving up through the ranks, which obviously is a good thing for us Ada’ists. But there’s more! François Fabien was kind enough to point us towards the The Computer Language Benchmarks Game and the Rosetta Code/Rank languages by popularity pages, both of which shows Ada as a strong contender.

I think the benchmarks game is especially interesting, because Ada is extremely close to being as fast as C, and in some tests she’s even faster than C. And it’s very nice to see that Ada is doing so well in the 64 bit versions of the tests (quad core, 3rd. place, single core, 2nd. place).

So, when doing Ada programming you get both speed, readability, safety and the joy of a language that helps you build better software. Why waste your life chasing annoying bugs, when Ada can help you weed out most of them at compile time?

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