Ada Programming On The Rise

The October 2011 update of The Transparent Language Popularity Index shows Ada steadily climbing the list. With Ada claiming the 7th. position in the “compiled languages” category, we’ve now surpassed both Pascal and Delphi.

That is just downright awesome.

The next contender in the compiled languages category is Objective-C, which is still twice as popular as Ada, so it’ll probably take a while before Ada claims another scalp, unless we take a look at the “any” category, where Ada is only 3 positions away from moving into the top 10, and looking at the numbers it’s absolutely doable to push Ada into the 2% bracket.

All we have to do is upload our Ada code to public repositories like GitHub or SourceForge, and then write extensively about our exciting Ada powered projects. Easy as pie!

So get cracking, and lets see if we can all help Ada becoming as popular as she deserves.

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