Matreshka 0.20 Released

Matreshka is looking better and better with every release. Head honcho Vadim Godunko and his compadres Maxim Reznik and John Marino is hard at work on this up and coming Ada framework, that currently sports:

  • Support for localization, internationalization and globalization.
  • Calendars and calendrical calculations.
  • Regular expression engine with Perl-style syntax and Unicode extensions.
  • Text codec to convert data streams into/from internal representation.
  • Message translator to translate messages into natural language which is selected by user.
  • Persistent application settings to manage application settings, supports INI files and Windows Registry.
  • Access to command line arguments and environment variables as Unicode encoded strings.
  • Internationalized URI/URL/URN manipulation.
  • Capability to manipulate with XML streams and documents.
  • FastCGI module allows to develop server side applications completely in Ada and use them with standard HTTP servers.
  • SQL database access provides simple generic API to access to SQL databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite).
  • Ada Modeling Framework provides implementation of OMG’s Meta Object Facility (MOF) written completely in Ada.

And that’s not even all! There’s some really good stuff in there, and I’m actually quite ashamed about not having tried it yet, especially because it appears to be extremely easy to build.

Check out the release notes for Matreshka 0.2.0 or go straight to the download area.

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