The Transparent Language Popularity Index

Ada programming is doing well, according to The Transparent Language Popularity Index January 2012 numbers. We’re sitting at #9 (in the top 10, YAY!) with a solid 1.225%

Obviously this can be improved, and from looking at the numbers, it appears that YouTube would be a good place to start. So in short: We need more videos about Ada programming. We can’t rely on AdaCore’s YouTube channel alone.

I’ve set a goal for myself: To create at least one Ada related video within the next couple of months and upload it to YouTube. How about you?

2 thoughts on “The Transparent Language Popularity Index”

  1. I was thinking about creating small educational videos about Ada and building gadgets with microcontrollers just a few days ago. – But my second thought was why video? Isn’t a web page with commands you can copy to the clip-board better than a video you have to pause and type from?

    There must be some benefits from using video as a medium to teach Ada programming, but what are they, and how can we exploit them best?

    PS: Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names (number 6)

  2. I did a few videos for this post:

    Nothing overly complicated, but it’s a start at least! 🙂

    I personally enjoy videos as a supplement to commands on a webpage. You get to see the commands actually carried out. But yea, most of the time videos are probably best used for more “talk” style articles, for example a short talk about Ada tasking, followed up with some actual usage examples. I think that could work pretty well.

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