An Ada Binding to ALSA

Yet another package from Jacob Sparre Andersen: An Ada binding to ALSA. For those of you who don’t know what ALSA is, it is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture that provides sounds capability to the Linux family of operating systems.

Jacob’s first priority is being able to manage sound recording on both the “amd64” and “armhf” architectures. I’ve no idea how close he is to reaching that goal, but I suspect he’s more or less there because of this little nugget found on the website:

Implemented features:
+ 16-bit mono recording (Linux)

Maybe I can convince Jacob to add a short comment to this post, if he believes there’s more that needs mentioning.

3 thoughts on “An Ada Binding to ALSA”

  1. I’ve only tested it on arm64 so far.

    The repository includes a demo application which records 10 seconds of sound from the microphone and sends it to Standard_Output formatted as a .WAV file. (This allows me to hear how bad it sounds when I’m singing in the office. 😉

    If people have special wishes (stereo recording, mono playback, etc.) please let me know, and I’ll use it to prioritise my work on the binding.

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