Ada.Directories Wiki Article Migrated

It’s finally over! The entire Ada-DK Wiki has been migrated successfully. Today I moved the Ada.Directories article, and with that one out of the way, the new dokuwiki setup is now on par with the old wiki.

So next on the wiki-agenda is writing some new articles. It’s been a while since we’ve added anything new to our wiki, which is a bit of a shame. The last one I did was the GNATCOLL.JSON one, and that’s a good 2½ months ago! I’m considering doing one on the Ada.Task_Attributes package, but it’s not set in stone yet. Feel free to ping me if you’ve got any good ideas.

Ada.Containers.Vectors Wiki article migrated

I just finished migrating the Ada.Containers.Vectors wiki article, and since it’s a pretty long article, I’m sure the dokuwiki edition is riddled with errors. I have to admit that I kinda went a bit blind from staring too long at that huge wall of text, so please let us know if you find any bugs.

With this one out of the way, we’re nearing completion. I think there’s only a few more pages missing from the old wiki, then we can shut it down completely. YAY!

AWS vs node.js Wiki Article Migrated

One more down! Only a few more to go. The latest Wiki article I’ve migrated is my now 1 year old AWS vs node.js shootout. Yea, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. I’m trying to convince Kim Rostgaard Christensen to help me redo it, perhaps with some more interesting workloads added to the mix.

But for now you’re going to have to make do with the old article. 🙂

Ada.Command_Line and Ada.Environment_Variables

I’ve migrated two more wiki articles from our old mediawiki setup to the new dokuwiki:

These are both rather short articles, so it can’t be said that I’ve been overly taxed by moving them. I dread when I get to the Ada.Containers.Vectors and Ada.Directories articles! Those are both pretty massive.

I’m also still in the process of categorizing and tagging the old news. It’s not the funniest work on the planet, so it takes a while. I’ve more or less decided to only do 2011, and leave 2009/2010 untagged and in the General category.

Yea, I’m lazy like that. 🙂

More Wiki Articles Migrated

Over the past few days I’ve managed to migrate a handful of articles from the old Ada-DK wiki to the new one:

For most of these all I did was change the old mediawiki syntax to dokuwiki, and that was it. The one exception to this was the Ada.Calendar.Clock to String article, where I also added a section on how to use Ada.Unchecked_Conversion to get the job done. This came about because Simon J. Wright mentioned that option in an identi-ca post. The new and updated article is much better than the old one, so thanks Simon!

Hopefully we’ll have all the wiki articles migrated before the end of January 2012.

Ada in Denmark @ Google+

If you’re active on the excellent Google+ network, you might be interested in knowing that you can now follow the Ada in Denmark Google+ page.

Obviously we’ll post links to Ada news both here and on the Google+ page, but we also plan on using the page for photos/videos from the open Ada-DK meetings, and hopefully for some fun interaction with other Ada programmers.

It would be pretty awesome if we could build a network of Ada’ists on Google+, so come join the revolution!

The Basics + the GNATCOLL.JSON articles are up again

The Basics page is one of the most visited pages on the Ada-DK website, and when we moved it, we managed to more or less completely destroy it. But this has been fixed now, so visitors to whom Ada programming is an unknown can once again go and get a feel for some of the basic features of Ada.

We’ve also managed to move one more wiki article to the new Ada-DK Wiki: The Handling JSON Using GNATColl article. I’m considering changing this one to use dotted notation, because IMHO it makes the examples even easier to read, but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Enjoy! And please let us know if you spot any errors in the articles.

New Wiki Article: C++ bindings example

A while ago Luis P. Mendes started a thread at comp.lang.ada named Need some light on using Ada or not. One of the questions Luis put forward is:

2. In C++ I can use lots of libraries. I’m thinking on data visualization libraries, for example I’ve read that Ada can use some C bindings. Can I use any C library? Some? Is it easy? I don’t want to drop C++ for Ada to build a project that later has to be rewritten in C++ because of lack of libraries.

Actually, that was a bit more than just one question, but the general gist of it is: Can Ada bind to C/C++.

And of course the answer to this is a resounding “Yes!”.

Later on in the same c.l.a. thread Brian Drummond give an example on how to do this, and it is this example that Luis have added to our Wiki:

C++ bindings example.

I’d like to extent my thanks to Brian Drummond for coming up with the example in the first place, and Luis P. Mendes for bothering to add it to our Wiki. Thanks!

Now all we need is some Ada binding expert to peek it over to make sure the examples are sound.