An Ada language library repository

Work has started designing a source text repository for Ada libraries. Hopefully it will soon overtake my own attempt at the same task.

After a short discussion with Thomas Løcke about the subject, I think I’m in favour of having an Ada specific tool/repository because:

  • Using the platform specific package manager is typically restricted to the system administrator.
  • I fear that platform specific package managers have a too simplified view of dependencies, compared to what software developers attempt to put up with.
  • There is some benefit in being able to use the same command to install an Ada source library, no matter which platform you are working on today.

The major challenges I see (which maybe aren’t all that big), are related to documenting and validating which libraries work with which other libraries.

Direct conflicts can be identified through conflicting compilation unit names.

Dependencies can be validated through building a library and running its internal regression test on each of the targeted development platforms.  If the internal regression test passes, one can reasonable assume that the library works with (exactly) the selected versions of the libraries it depends on.  Passing on one development platform should be enough to release, but all the development platforms the combination has passed on should be documented.

Please join the project, and do your bit to move it forward. – Ada Programming and Documentation

It frequently happens that while surfing around for other things, I suddenly find myself at an Ada related website that I haven’t heard about before. One minute I’m checking out, the worlds most private search engine, and the next I’m looking at the Ada website of Martin Krischik.

The internet is indeed a fantastic place and a marvelous invention.

While clicking around on the website, I soon found myself lead to the Martin Krischik’s home, where we see that he has quite a few Ada projects going:

If you’re a regular reader of comp.lang.ada then you’ll surely have noticed Martin Krischik also, as he often participates in discussions.