Building GCC with Ada on Solaris x86

In a long thread on comp.lang.ada titled Companies Only Offering Ada-95 Compilers Simon Wright decided to post a short notice about him having build GCC 4.7.0 for Solaris 11 i386/amd64 and uploaded the result to sourceforge:

Building GCC with Ada on Solaris x86

I tip my hat to Simon and his ability to fight his way through what appeared to me to be a rather dense jungle of weird little issues. Awesome work Simon!

You can grab the resulting package here.

Solaris GNAT Packages

If you’ve been craving for some Ada loving on Solaris, then now is perhaps the time to rejoice. Yesterday Maciej Bliziński contacted me and asked for help finding people who were willing to put in a bit of time and effort in testing his new Ada frontend for GCC 4.6.x on Solaris.

You can read his request at the mail list.

If you’re both a Solaris user and an Ada programmer, then this should be grand news to you. Please get in touch with Maciej, if you’re interested in helping him test these new packages.

DragonLace and Ada Support on *BSD / *Solaris / Android

In a lengthy post to comp.lang.ada John Marino of DragonLace fame outlines the current status of Ada support for *BSD, *Solaris and Android.

And things are looking pretty good:

For a long time, support for Ada was poor to non-existent for the four major BSD platforms of FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and OpenBSD. GNAT would not build from source, although FreeBSD i386 was pretty close. Over the last year, I’ve developed a substantial set of patches and now GNAT from GCC-4.6 passes the entire ACATS and gnat.dg testsuite without failure on FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and NetBSD on both the AMD64 and i386 platforms. The version is called “GNAT-AUX” and it also builds on OpenBSD with only a single failure the same two platforms.

The amount of work that has gone into this is amazing, and I personally look forward (very much!) to the day where Android apps can be build using Ada. How cool would that be?

If you visit the DragonLace website, you’ll see that the project is only 3 measly failures away from having achieved perfect status for its GNAT AUX port project.

I think I’m going to have to install one or more BSD’s and start testing my own AWS powered web tool box!

This project is a _huge_ boon to the Ada community.